Friday, July 29, 2011

Music of the Clouds

I don’t think many Indians are used to or the . These web sites allow you to upload music and make it a medium to socialise. Cloud Computing is a concept which would be there for a a long time to stay.

Google Music beta [ Don’t get confused with ] available for American IPs,  has a made a mark in the Open Source cloud Arena.[Available at]. You can store up to 20000 songs in your account.It syncs with your android device – a mobile or a tablet PC.

To top it all – it runs in offline mode on your android driven mobile device. Get connected to listen from the cloud. When not connected, it can run the recently played music. I think it’s a great step forward.



But there are pitfalls – The site is available in the US by invitation. If in India - To get an invitation, can logon with your normal google account  via web .

Cannot install the music player for android even with web proxies.

So, what's the take?if you get an invitation, be the first to use it when launched in India. It syncs, it shuffles and makes you dance to the tune from the clouds !!!!

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